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Joanne Archibald Coaching

Joanne Archibald is a personal and business coach working with international clients in both French and English. Trained by the CTI in the Co-Active coaching method, she offers sessions both face to face and by Skype/telephone.

Whether you are looking to improve aspects of your personal life, such as relationships, family, career or health; or you are looking to optimise the performance of your managers and executives, Joanne can help you achieve sustainable results.

Member of the International Coach Federation

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Personal coaching shares the same objective as business coaching: to support the client’s personal growth and move the client towards the attainment of their objectives. Whatever the client’s initial reason for working with a coach, coaching is always holistic, so the results will be felt throughout the client’s entire life.

I offer personal coaching clients a space in which to step outside of their life and assess where and who they are and where and who they want to be. Coaching sessions are a moment for you to:

Coaching is a process that can be applied to any number of personal challenges and objectives, such as:

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Personal Coaching


Are you moving or following a spouse being relocated abroad?

I can help you manage the change, integrate, and use this international opportunity to create an enriching, rewarding experience and a new life you will love.


Whatever your family situation, I can help you find your unique parenting style, balancing your parent role with your other responsibilities to make sure your family life is a source of joy and fulfilment.