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With clients from around the world, I coach in English and French in both personal and professional contexts. Through my coaching, I am committed to making the world a happier place, one person at a time.

I trained in the internationally recognised Co-Active method with The Coaches Training Institute, the first coach training school to have its programmes accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). It is also with the ICF that I obtained certification as an Associate Certified Coach. I also use methods from a number of other disciplines to offer clients made-to-measure coaching that provides them with the tools they need to overcome obstacles to success, shift their mindset, and create the life they want.

My training was completed while I was in a full-time management position in large-events communications. My decade-long career prior to coming to coaching was diverse. After studying Literature at the University of Cambridge, I worked in theatre promotions in London. Once in Paris, I worked in communications for an industrial technology company and later managed projects for a broad portfolio of CAC 40 clients for a communications agency before specialising in events work.

I was born and educated in Britain, but in 2004 I made my dream to live in Paris a reality. Since making the leap, I have worked hard to create a life I love that can only be described as rich and varied. I have studied in France and worked in a variety of French and international companies. I am a regular contributor to several print and online magazines on personal development subjects with a particular focus on ex-pat living, parenting, and creating a life with purpose, on purpose. I am also a facilitator for seminars and workshops on personal growth and leadership.

I live in the Paris suburbs with my husband and our two children. Contact me

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What my clients say about me

Improved my quality of life

“By putting in place just some of the ideas that I discussed with Joanne, I have really improved my quality of life. Joanne provided me with a more human way to see my life, and I am now clearer about my personal path.

A safe place to speak and be heard

“Joanne offered me a safe, non judgemental space to speak and be heard, after a difficult time of change in my life. Every session offered understanding, compassion, a challenge to my thoughts, and useful tools for me to use between sessions. Months later, I still use the tools shared, and look forward to the mailing list articles. In every article or session, Joanne always leaves me with a pearl of wisdom to make me think, act or reflect."

I have built the business I wanted with success

"I started my journey with Joanne to improve work-life balance and progressively used our kind and relaxed conversations to help me understand and build the business I really wanted with great success."

Joanne Archibald Coaching

Joanne Archibald is an ICF-certified coach working with international clients in both French and English. Trained by the CTI in the Co-Active coaching method, she offers sessions both face to face and by Skype/telephone. Whether you are looking to improve aspects of your personal life, such as relationships, family, career or health; or you are looking to optimise the performance of your managers and executives, Joanne can help you achieve sustainable results.

Certified by the International Coach Federation.

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