1. Divide and conquer
Make a (very) long list of all the parts of your home you wish to declutter. Itemise on a small scale. List large drawers individually, same with cupboards. The kitchen might go like this: spice rack, glasses cupboard, crockery cupboard, top drawer, middle drawer, pots and pans drawer…

2. Break it down
If the list is very long, it can help to sort the items into categories: perhaps one for jobs that’ll take under 20 minutes, one for jobs of up to two hours, and another for jobs of over two hours. With the list sorted in this way, you can choose what to tackle when you have the necessary time to take on the task, so if you find yourself with a spare 10 minutes while you boil some pasta, you might find yourself crossing the spice rack off your list!

3. Do the smallest job right now!
Find the smallest item on the list that requires the least time to declutter and do it straight away. The instant joy of crossing an item off the list and having started the war on clutter will give you a boost and the motivation to tackle…the next item! Little by little…



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