Intercultural Coaching

Are you:

  • Living abroad?
  • Moving abroad for work?
  • Following a spouse relocating abroad?

Intercultural coaching is an opportunity for you to think about the new life you are starting and consider how you are going to manage the change and overcome culture shock to create a fulfilling and enriching experience of living and working in a foreign country. Whether you are moving for a fixed assignment or your stay is open-ended, I can help you thrive on the transition, integrate, and use this international opportunity to create a rewarding experience and a new life you will love.

I can help you adapt to your new country and culture, managing the impact of this massive change on every aspect of your life, including: looking for work and furthering your career; creating a network and building friendships; starting and growing a relationship; maintaining a happy and harmonious family life; keeping up with hobbies and interests, and staying healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Intercultural coaching can help you integrate and become effective in a new workplace more quickly and smoothly – with fewer misunderstandings and missteps! Greater awareness of your host country’s history and customs as well as its values and communication style will ease your transition and help you create positive and productive working relationships with colleagues.

Or maybe you are:

  • Working as part of a multicultural team
  • Operating within an international context in your home country
  • Managing ex-pats within your team
  • Dealing with partners and suppliers from other countries

The aim of intercultural coaching for multicultural teams is not simply to overcome language and cultural barriers but to use differences between team members to your advantage. It’s about helping people work together and communicate effectively so that cultural differences feed respect, curiosity and give rise to new creative thinking.     

As a manager, a greater understanding of your team’s values, sensitivities and communication style can help you get the best from your team, avoid clashes, and foster an enriching and harmonious working environment. When dealing with foreign suppliers and partners, greater cultural awareness facilitates every exchange and can give you a significant advantage in negotiations.

Intercultural coaching can be delivered on an individual basis or with teams and groups.

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