Controlling your smartphone habit

Controlling your smartphone habit

  1. Turn off notifications

You don’t have to completely uninstall every app on your phone to take a break. Simply turn off notifications from Twitter, Facebook, etc. in your phone’s settings or within the app itself. Give yourself the power to choose when you look at the app instead of reacting every time it summons you.

  1. Put it away

During times when you don’t want to be disturbed by your phone or tempted to check notifications and scroll, put it in a drawer, or in a different room. Out of sight, out of mind. It’s so much easier not to look at that dictatorial little screen every two minutes if it’s not immediately to hand – or indeed in your hand – all the time.

  1. Not in the bedroom

We both know that if you put your phone on your nightstand it will be the last thing you look at before sleeping and the first when you wake. You’ll also be tempted to check it if you get up in the night. Make resisting temptation easier by buying an old-fashioned alarm clock, putting a book by the bed, and leaving the phone downstairs, in the kitchen, or in your bag.